USA Women's Goalball

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Game Time
2 x 12 minute halves. then 2 x 3 minute sudden death overtime periods. And one-on-one shootout!
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The Court
What is Goalball?
It is the most amazing sport you've never heard of!

With an offense like underhand pitching and a defense like goalkeeping, this fast-paced game with amaze you!

Designed by Europeans after WWII, this recreational sport for blinded veterans has been elevated to the most competitive level - at the Paralympics. 
Indoors on 9 x18 meters, tactile on wood or terra-flex. 
1.5 meters tall and 9 meters wide.
As fast and hard as you can, but it has to make contact with the floor or it's a penalty!
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Dive like a goalkeeper, put your body between the ball and the goal!
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Communication is key
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The ball has bells in it, everybody is blind-folded and the court is tactile!